5 DIY Landscaping Tips


There are many reasons to update your homes outdoor space – a quiet place to relax, a place for the kids to play – or, as we are going to discuss here – a way to increase it’s for sale value!

Adding curb appeal to your house not only makes it easier to sell, but it also gives your house that nice and finished look in which you can take pride in.

Plan Ahead

Before jumping in and tearing up the grass and randomly placing flower gardens, it’s important to step back and get an overall assessment of your home’s exterior. Where does the sun hit it? Where does the wind flow? Does your front door need a coat of bright, fresh paint? Let Mother Nature be your guide – she has great taste. Based on what you see, you can now begin creating your space. Sitting areas are best located out of line with the wind, so consider planting trees or shrubs where needed. Flowers tend to love the sunniest spots – and even on cooler days – it’s important to know where the sun can provide warmth.

No Diving

Tread lightly now. Dip your toes in and see how things feel. Set up some chairs where you think you want to create your sitting area. Maybe move your placement around until it fits. Take note of focal points and how each location interacts with the exterior of your home. Until you sit in a spot and take time in one space or another, you may not know how or if it fits in with your plan. Remember you are trying to create function and beautify at the same time. Paths are great for providing engagement with your property and make it welcoming.


Keep it simple… A clean, well-organized space it best. Always remember, you want your exterior space to look great from your front door, as well as the curb. Let the exterior of your home become an extension of the interior. From the front door, imagine stepping out to a bed of flowers, a comfortable patio or lush potted plants. These also welcome those to your home and guide them inside.

Curb Appeal

Now that we understand where and why to place plants, trees, bushes and paths on our property, we can use them to create the visual frame of our home. Create focal points that enhance your home. Cross the street and think how that tree, while providing shade in the summer, can also offer vibrant fall colours. Flowering trees are especially interesting. Flower gardens and perimeter plantings also make colorful focal points and enliven the outdoor experience. 
A colourful front door, with new hardware adds particular charm.


Remember, your goal may be to enhance your property’s value, but it is still your home and while many of these enhancements are simple, you still need to maintain them to keep your exterior looking fabulous. Ensure you have plenty of room to guide your lawn mower or to weed your garden. Rake in the fall and always maintain a well-trimmed lawn.

First impressions matter!


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