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If it wasn’t hard enough to keep the little ones entertained at regular times, this extra burden of isolation really puts the pressure on. But, what a great time to adopt a pet. With everyone at home, training your new addition can be a breeze.

A pet at home can certainly fill the time and now there is one more reason to get a dog for the kids: researchers reveal that Fluffy can help improve your child’s reading ability.

Every year, the nation’s top educators reveal the dismal fact that large numbers of school-age children continue to face significant difficulties when it comes to their reading ability. To rectify this and help children enhance their reading levels, many schools and educational programs started to use therapy dogs as children’s “reading friends.” The idea is that the kids read to their dogs, one on one, and, by speaking out loud, stick with the assignment and learn to read.

Today, the popularity of and demand for programs that help children practice their reading skills with their furry friends are growing rapidly. Dogs come to schools and libraries regularly to help children improve their reading and communication skills as well as build up self-confidence.

Parents report positive results and improvements in their kids after these sessions and children can’t wait to see their reading partners again. There are several reasons dogs are a good influence on children and why canines are used in educational programs. Dogs can offer:


So, if you’re still thinking of adopting a pet, but unsure how to proceed during this crisis, the BC SPCA (though they have reduced hours) is still encouraging people interested in adopting to view any available animals online. Maintaining the flow of animals into new, loving homes will enable them to continue helping new animals at risk, even with limited staffing.

View the amazing animals waiting for homes and fill out an online adoption application. The BC SPCA staff will contact you with more information and to set up an appointment for you to meet the animal.

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