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With work days getting longer, many Canadians are leaving the cooking to someone else and reaching for quicker, ready-to-eat meals or dining out.

A recent Dalhousie University survey found almost 42 per cent of Canadians are either buying ready-to-eat meals or eating at a restaurant once or twice a week. One factor for eating out might be the rise of fast-casual restaurants and food trucks that provide food of much higher quality than the typical fast food restaurant. Service also tends to be quick, so restaurants are an excellent option for busy people.

Another reason could simply be… the popularity of cooking shows. Celebrity chefs are famous for discouraging ordinary, day-to-day home cooking and inspiring many to look for dishes created by someone who actually knows how to cook.

Vancouver hosts many fantastic restaurants and various food categories to choose from. From hip vegan eateries to succulent steak houses, Vancouver is a hotbed of gastronomic proportions!

View below for a listing of Yelp’s top 20 Vancouver restaurants.

1. Tuc Craft Kitchen
2. Fable
3. The Flying Pig – Yaletown
4. Guu with Garlic
5. The Flying Pig – Gastown
6. Phnom Penh
7. Miku
8. Dinesty Dumpling House
9. Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba
10. Chambar
11. Medina Cafe
12. Alibi Room
13. Jam Cafe on Beatty
14. Forage
15. Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market
16. Kingyo
17. Twisted Fork
18. Manoush’eh
19. Salt Tasting Room
20. Cactus Club Cafe

Let us know what you think. Do you prefer eating at home or dining out? And what is your favourite place to dine out in Vancouver?


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