Get your family inspired, involved, and on the right track.

Just by making simple, subtle changes in our outlook and approach, we can initiate a world of change.

Be Open

One of the most beneficial skills that we can develop is the ability to listen. It’s surprising how many difficult family situations can be settled by just listening to what our partner, son, or daughter is trying to say. Initiating change is often a difficult thing to do, and most people are understandably resistant. Initiate change that involves diet or exercise, and we are pretty much asking our family to mutiny. Instead of forcing a new menu and fitness plan on our families, discuss it with them first. Ask them for their suggestions and welcome their feedback.

Children are easily influenced by their role models and the environment that surrounds them. Lead by example and remain positive. Making subtle adjustments to our language and tone while asking for opinions can instil a sense of empowerment. Asking our children for suggestions, or even criticism, can help us to understand their situation by looking at it from a completely new perspective. Allow your family time to adjust to changes and remain consistent and positive with the decisions you have made.

Be Inspiring

Connect with your family by spending time in the kitchen while preparing meals. Children enjoy cooking and it teaches them to follow instructions and exercise their creativity.

Kids love to be part of meal planning and relish getting their hands dirty when mixing and prepping foods. Simply by allowing our kids to be inventive in the kitchen and finding healthy menu solutions empowers them with knowledge and confidence.

One way we can get our teens involved is to ask them to surf the Internet for healthy recipes. Maybe, start with a basic ingredient (i.e. chicken or asparagus) and then allow their creative juices to flow with other meal ideas. You might be surprised to see them accompany you on your next trip to the grocery store in order to help you select their list of ingredients. Some teens may even wish to experiment in the kitchen themselves. Be sure to support and nurture their interest so it will grow.

Making cooking fun with new recipes and food choices can enhance relationships in our families.

Be Active

Activity can be both physical or mental and really just means that we are moving to make positive changes. When we promote movement in our lives and the lives of those around us, we create room for progression.

If we desire change, we have to actively create an environment for change to occur.

Look for ways to keep activities exciting for the whole family. Take the gang out to the beach, to the park, or just get everyone out to wash the car. It is so important to gather as a group and to share activities together. Shared experiences create fantastic relationships.

Value Relationships

The more compassionate we are in our relationships indicates who we are inside and teaches our children how to build valuable bonds with others.

By simply stepping back and understanding others, we can offer kindness and generosity in our interactions with them. It’s amazing how infectious a positive attitude can be and those around us will be sure to follow our example. Becoming a part of the community is a great way to get out of the house and teach our children about values. Join a community group or start one of your own.

Alter the Flow

In life, we’re often told to “go with the flow.” Meaning, the flow of energy, the flow of events as they unfold. The implication here is that we shouldn’t struggle against forces beyond our control. To do so is to expend valuable energy that’s better exerted elsewhere.

To initiate change, we need to alter the flow. As humans, we are artisans of change and have the ability to alter our journey any time we choose. Every day is a new day and every moment offers us a new opportunity to take charge of our lives and make positive changes that will not only effect ourselves but influence our families as well.

Create Balance

Balance is the key to our well-being. Balance in work and play; in health and wellness; even internally, our blood needs a balance between an alkaline and acid state. A healthy person displays a balance of physicality and psychology.

A great way to balance our lives is to spend time just doing things that make us happy. Investing time in ourselves allows us to become more attentive and productive with our work and with our families.

Imagine yourself a glass of liquid. If you are empty you have nothing to share, but if full, you have more to offer those around you. It all comes back to balance, and knowing when to give and when to receive.

Be Gentle

Our fast paced lives usually don’t allow time to enjoy precious moments. Letting go of negativity allows us to focus on the positive experiences in our lives.

With any process of change there is always an adjustment period. Be easy with yourself, relax and support your decisions without criticism or judgement. Be present in every moment and learn to accept and enjoy it for what it is.

If you are trying to accomplish a personal goal, let go of guilt and criticism that you may feel when you make a mistake. When we treat ourselves well, we set a precedent for the way others will treat us.

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